About the Indian Center

Mission Statement

The American Indian Education Center (AIEC) is an agency devoted to the cultural, educational, and socioeconomic enhancement of American Indians through the provision of programs and services that empower all Indigenous cultures represented in the State of Ohio, with the holistic goal of developing self-sufficiency, self-determination, and self-esteem among all community members.

Why we're in Cleveland

Relocation involves Native Americans and their families being uprooted from their reservations and given one-way tickets to large cities with promises of good jobs, good housing and prosperity. Cleveland, Ohio is one of these cities. Those promises were empty; typical of government promises to Native Americans, and many Indians found themselves far from home and without adequate housing, food or income. Thus, relocation, and by extension the US government, is responsible for the myriad of social, health and behavioral health issues facing American indians today. More than 5,000 American Indians live in Northeast Ohio today. Many often experience problems associated with low incomes in urban areas. We seek to empower our own communities by offering the resources necessary to nurture healthy, productive people in healthy surroundings.

The AIEC Today

Since 1992 the American Indian Education Center has been working to help alleviate the suffering of Native Americans brought to northeast Ohio. With its wide variety of educational and social service programs, the staff of the AIEC strives daily to help the Native community reach their potential in the areas of employment, educational attainment, self-sufficiency and self-respect.