Speaker's Bureau

On the AIEC staff, we have individuals who speak on a wide variety of indigenous topics and issues, including (but not limited to):

  • historical perspectives on Native life
  • the government's treatment of American Indians, including attempts at extermination, sterilization by the U.S. government until 1978, the reservation system, relocation (71% of Native Americans currently live off-reservation), and treaty violations
  • contemporary issues among American Indians, such as health issues (i.e., 40% of Native deaths caused by tobacco, an 85% (epidemic) diabetes rate)
  • Native American heritage and culture
  • topics revolving around the American Indian Movement (AIM) from its inception in 1968 to present, Chief Wahoo
  • Spirituality among First Nations people
  • sovereignty rights, and casino rights for Native Americans in Ohio

We also do mini-powwows with traditional Native dancers at your location. Our speakers are available for a wide variety of occasions from classroom presentations to faculty conferences to community-wide events which may include speakers, traditional dancers, or Native music. We are willing to travel extensively, both domestically, and internationally, to meet people's needs. We ask for an honorarium to assist in our fundraising, as well as the covering of all expenses. We establish this on a case-by-case basis, considering many factors, such as purpose of engagement, and amount of travel. Please contact us for further information at: 216-533-7423, aiecinc@aol.com or use our contact form