Support AIEC

We need your help!

Since 1992 the American Indian Education Center has been providing programs and services for the Native community of northeastern Ohio. Without your help...

  • we'll be unable to provide tutoring for American Indian school children.
  • we won't be able to hold our annual Halloween party.
  • we can't conduct diabetes testing.
  • we won't be able to run our house-purchasing program with HUD.
  • we can't supply our kids with the school supplies they need.
  • we will be unable to hold our community dinners.
  • we won't be able to hold our annual Christmas party.
  • we won't be able to provide the community with emergency groceries as we have so many times in the past.
  • we can't help people find shelter, or find work, or find the social and medical services they need.


In order to help, we ask you to contribute at one of the following levels:

  • less than $50 (Brother/Sister)
  • $50 to $100 (Warrior)
  • $100+ to $500 (Healer)
  • $500+ to $1000 (Elder)
  • $1000+ (Chief)


If you would like to make a donation, please call (216) 533-7423, email, or use our contact form.

Sundance, Executive Director
American Indian Education Center